Brain: The World Inside Your Head

Explore the Brain Like Never Before!

 Brain: The World Inside Your Head is now open! Brain literally takes you inside the head to probe the geography of a giant brain and stand in the midst of the brain’s constant electrical brainstorm as thoughts and sensations are generated.

Walk through a setup of neurons in the human brain. Visitors will see comparisons between the human brain and animal brains, learn about brain development and sleep, and see the reality of brain differences.

Visitors will also explore the relationship between depression and creativity, how drugs work in the brain, and the nature of pain. They will encounter the future of brain treatments in our new era of genome mapping and molecular medicine. And, finally, visitors will explore the most mysterious aspect of brain investigations, the mind and the nature of consciousness.


Look deeper into the brain to discover its basic workings. The experience-based exhibit employs innovative special effects, 3-D reproductions, virtual reality, hands-on learning activities and interactive technology to delve into the inner workings of the brain, including its processes, potentials and mysteries. Brain is designed to appeal to audiences of all ages. 






Brain: The World Inside Your Head  is great for school groups!

Visit the Brain exhibit as part of your groups general admission to the GRPM! Students will conduct investigations and gather data to explore how our senses receive signals from the world around us.

Additional Programming – Add on today!


Students will test the limits of their senses in an engaging program associated with our new traveling exhibit. Discover how your brain connects you to the world around you. We know that your brain talks to your body telling you when to move, how to breathe, and when to sleep, but do you know know when your body might talk to your brain? The brain is a difficult subject to study, often because many of its systems are not easy to observe. Helpful exceptions to this are the senses. In this class, students will explore the workings of their minds through activities built around the senses.



Admission to Brain: The World Inside Your Head will be FREE with general admission and FREE to Museum members.

Brain will be located on the Museum’s second floor and run now through January 7, 2018. 

This exhibit is brought to you by the citizens of Kent County and the voter approved 2016 millage.

Thank you to our sponsors! 


David & Carol Van Andel Family Foundation
The Steve & Amy Van Andel Foundation


Hope Network Neuro Rehabilitation
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Adventure Credit Union
Brain Injury Association of Michigan
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Grand Rapids Griffins 
The Jant Group
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