Chaffee Planetarium


The radically updated Roger B. Chaffee Planetarium is now open.

Visit the galaxy from the most comfortable seat in the house. With 1.2 million dollars in renovations, all of the brand new shows feature the latest Digistar projection technology and immersive surround sound for an unbelievably rich and realistic experience. Recline, relax and experience the incredible forces of our universe.

Located within the Museum, the Roger B. Chaffee Planetarium is named after the Grand Rapids-born astronaut who lost his life in the 1967 Apollo 1 spacecraft fire.

With general admission planetarium shows are $4 each, Museum members are free and planetarium only tickets $5. Programs also available for school visits.


March 21 – April 2


*Actual shows to be determined. Occasionally the Planetarium is booked by school groups which shifts these showtimes. Please keep this in mind as you plan your visit.


Spring Break: April 3 – April 12 

April 3 through 12



April 13 – June 21

April 13 - june 20

*Actual shows to be determined. Occasionally the Planetarium is booked by school groups which shifts these showtimes. Please keep this in mind as you plan your visit.


Planetarium dynamic Earth, a space view of Hurricane Katrina

DYNAMIC EARTHExplore Earth’s climate engine from monster hurricanes to erupting volcanoes. Narrated by Liam Neeson. Great for ages 12 and above.

Violent_Universe_4_300x200VIOLENT UNIVERSEWitness the forces that hold the universe together and occasionally try to tear it apart. Narrated by Patrick Stewart. Great for ages 10 and above.

UNDER FROZEN SKIES: Explore the winter sky! Learn tips and tricks to find constellations from your own backyard. Fly to the far reaches of our solar system to see incredible planets. Great for all ages.


SPACEPARK360: INFINITY: Experience the excitement and surprises of the most incredible amusement park in the solar system. Explore exotic locations on heart-pounding thrill rides such as roller coasters, spinners, ice-slides and more. Great for all ages.

*This show contains dramatic 3D visual effects. It is not recommended for individuals prone to motion sickness.


 NEW SHOW – BEGINS MARCH 21                                                           Back to the Moon for Good: Immerse yourself in a race to return to the moon 40 years after the historic Apollo missions. See how a competition among privately funded international teams is ushering in a new era of lunar exploration. Learn about the moon’s resources and discover what humanity’s future on the moon might hold. Narrated by Tim Allen. Great for ages 8 and above.




 DARK SIDE: THE LIGHT SHOW – BEGINS APRIL 3                                     The GRPM is proud to present our first original Roger B. Chaffee Planetarium production with the new generation of planetarium technology. Experience Pink Floyd’s iconic album as never before in this brand new, one-of-a-kind show, featuring stunning 4k visuals, brilliant LED sequences, and incredibly clear 5.1 surround sound.                                                                                                                                                                           “That’s one of the best light shows I’ve ever seen. The Grand Rapids Public Museum and the Chaffee Planetarium are a gem in the city of Grand Rapids.” – Tony Gates, Tony Gates Morning Show, WLAV                                                                                                                                                                                                                      
  Purchase tickets to the opening of Dark Side: The Light Show today! 

wegelogoThe Chaffee Planetarium upgrade was made possible through the generous support of the Wege Foundation. Additional support for the upgrade was received from the Cook Foundation, Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs, Frey Foundation, Baldwin Foundation, Rockford Construction Company, Inc., David DeBruyn, and American Seating. Thank you!



Observing By MoonlightFor information on other events in West Michigan visit the Grand Rapids Amateur Astronomical Association online.