The Grand Rapids Public Museum curates a rewarding experience with great, approachable art that is intriguing, distinctive and engages the viewer’s capacity for awe, curiosity, and a sense of humor. With our location and unique resources, we are able to offer a not-to-be-missed immersive experience available only at the Grand Rapids Public Museum, only during ArtPrize.

For 2014, the Grand Rapids Public Museum’s Van Andel Museum Center opened once again as an outdoor venue only. We offered a rewarding exhibit experience with approachable art that is intriguing and distinctive. Pieces were installed on the grounds near the Grand River, and the front and back lawn. Food carts were stationed accordingly to make it easy for visitors to grab a quick bite or beverage while on the move.

2014 ARTISTS                                                                                                                                       Print your ArtPrize Program

The Wind - Gil BruvelTHE WIND

Inspired by the movement, the wind seeks to at first envoke the vivid sensations wind produces on the skin. The sculpture shows ribbons of energy experienced by the seeker – her own neural patterns which, in a moment of focus and one-pointedness, match the vibration of the wind and the world around her. The sculpture suggests our own receptivity through the senses, and show us that fluidity, pleasure and ease come when we let ourselves inhabit the moment at hand.



Digitally hand-painted and then fused with aluminum tiles, this secular piece will be done through inspiration from the GRPM.





An anonymous artist will be entering a piece on behalf of the Special Olympics, Michigan (SOMI) Area 11. Stay tuned for more information on their piece and to register for the scavenger hunt!




Supporting the World - Pamela Timmons SUPPORTING THE WORLD

The joyful family of bronzed turtles is a pleasure to behold. They are set to remind visitors of the qualities turtles symbolize for many cultures throughout history: good health, longevity, serenity and protection.





Organic patterns and forms found in nature instinctively draw artist Allison Svoboda as she uses these elements to inspire her work. Using the theory of fractal geometry, she creates infinite layers of self-similar shapes repeated in every living thing to collate images.


Circle Series - Robert HendersonCIRCLE SERIES

A combination of 6 metal circles, this piece is a testament to the artist’s,  Robert Henderson’s life. It was developed around the revelation of how circles support the evolution of man.




stargazers_30percentSTAR GAZERS

This piece will showcase 7 clay heads supported by steel foundation.






This life-size sculpture will be constructed of found and reclaimed objects.


10649693_10152682281569105_8888980807869553096_nGRAND RIVER FISH PETROGLYPH

The project began with the installation of five 3,000-pound Michigan field stones on the bank of the Grand River at the GRPM. Artist, Kevin Sudeith has been carving the fish of the Grand River- at life size – into the boulders. Sudeith focused on the river because of its historic importance to the city. Ancient species, like lake sturgeon, contrasted with the newly introduced species, like the prized salmon, tell the story of the river in a unique way. While his piece will be part of the ArtPrize competition, it will remain as a permanent installation at the GRPM.


Leaf Rings - Terri Maloney-HoustonLEAF RINGS

Made of 10,000 individual pieces of porcelain clay, this piece is by artist, Terri Maloney-Houston. Each individual piece of clay has been impressed with a leaf from an Ash tree. This work references cairns, burial mounds and fairy rings.




Weave Peace - Michele Miller-Hansen2WEAVE PEACE

This 30′ dome is woven over by color. Created by Michelle Miller-Hansen, visitors walk through the dome to experience the colorful weaving inside and out. The idea came from thoughts of nature and humanity within the delicate balance of our world show through clean, balanced lines mixed with chaotic random weaves of color. Weave Peace will offer select days and times where ArtPrize visitors will be able to write an intention, a name or a short message on a strip of paper and attach it to the dome.



Mudpuppy - Dan ChudzinskiMUDPUPPY

A monumental sculpture, this piece depicts a diver taking his pet bulldog for a walk on the ocean floor. It is constructed of steel, brass, fiberglass, canvas and an assortment of modified found objects. The bulldog is the size of a grizzly bear and the entire piece features nighttime illumination.




Perspectives on Transformation in Community - Child Discovery CenterPERSPECTIVES IN TRANSFORMATION IN COMMUNITY

Taking old life-sized historic pictures of people throughout Grand Rapids and placing them strategically, this piece allows observers new perspective on transformation in our community. The GRPM is one of five locations where ArtPrize visitors can view this work.




Eve and the Serpent - Brent Harris2


This piece is a celebration of curiosity. Created by artist, Brent Harris, it takes a humanist look at Eve and the Serpents’ first meeting in the Garden of Eden. Eve gently stops the serpent underfoot, more curious observer than victim, she holds the power in the moment. The Serpent, startled, wraps himself around her leg and gazes upwards into her eyes.




Mystical seedpods hand-woven together, the trees will appear to come out of the seeds while the seeds appear to grow out of the trees, exemplifying the circle of life. This temporary installation will be a fiber sculpture, created by Karen Gubitz. No glues, nails, tape, tacks or other forms of attachment will be used in this sculpture, but rather there will be five installments encompassing around and next to trees on the lawn of the GRPM.