Past Exhibits

As previously seen at the GRPM

The following exhibitions were previously on display at the Grand Rapids Public Museum.

MCCB_300x200_A2Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown!


 Inspired Style 


Mini Exhibit: Voting! Making it Count 


ArtPrize 2016

View More: Robot Zoo


National Geographic Earth Explorers, Science Center of Iowa. (Christopher Gannon/Gannon Visuals) -- shot by Christopher Gannon on 9/25/13 in Des Moines, IA Shot for GESEarth Explorers


Olympic_Photo_JMini Exhibit: An Olympic View 


 Maker Faire 2016


 7B64109A-BC22-E401-2BC472FC5A2C3161[1446752004000]Walking Beyond Our Ancestors Footsteps

2011_51_1_34Nursing: A Dynamic Profession

Rosa Parks signRosa Parks – An American Legacy


The Discovery of King Tut

The Discovery of King Tut recreated the awe and marvel of the moment of discovery. This exhibit transported visitors back to 1922 to see the tomb of the boy king as Howard Carter and his team first saw it.

 MugshotAmerican Spirits: The Rise and Fall of Prohibition


An outside view of the museumArtPrize 2015


Eyes_Of_CityThrough the Eyes of Weidenaar

Through the Eyes of Weidenaar, commemorated the works of local artist and internationally renowned print maker, Reynold Weidenaar.

Real Pirates tells the true story of the Whydah – a pirate ship that sank off the coast of Cape Cod nearly 300 years ago. The exhibition featured treasure chests filled with coins from all over the world, including authentic coins that visitors could touch, pirate dress items, daily objects used aboard the ship jewelry and technically advanced weaponry of the time.

GRPM_ExhibitsPortraits_0055Thank God for Michigan! Stories from the Civil War  

See uniforms, weapons, photographs, letters, and more from the Museum’s vast collection.

Mudpuppy1Artprize 2014

The Grand Rapids Public Museum curates a rewarding experience each year with great, approachable art that is intriguing, distinctive and engages the viewer’s capacity for awe, curiosity, and a sense of humor. The Grand Rapids Public Museum’s Van Andel Museum Center is opened as an outdoor venue only for 2014. Pieces were located on the grounds near the Grand River, and the front and back lawn.

GRPM_Lego_Planetarium_0001Dream it, Build it

This limited time exhibition featured architectural masterpieces recreated with LEGO® bricks by Certified Lego Professional Adam Reed Tucker. The exhibition also included areas for Museum visitors to build their own creations with LEGO® bricks.

GRPMmakerfaire-8067Mini Maker Faire Grand Rapids 2014

With over 70 Makers and 4,000 visitors over two days, the first annual GR Maker Faire was a success. Makers showcased robotics, 3D printing, knitting, explosions and more! Unearthed

This comprehensive exhibition explored the exciting discovery of feathered dinosaurs and their connection to modern day birds.

BoyWithPassTitanic: The Artifact Exhibition

More than 150 legendary artifacts conserved from the Ship’s debris field were showcased, offering a poignant look at this iconic Ship and its passengers.  


Great Lakes shipwrecksGreat Lakes Shipwrecks

Visitors learned how inclement weather combined with bad decisions, poor design, and bad luck can end in tragedy in this dynamic exhibition.

IMG_3100 resizedChairmania

Billed as “miniatures possessing a monumental presence,” these diminutive chairs invoked a world in which fantasy and imagination triumph over practical function.





Walking on Mars 5Facing Mars

Including 20 thought-provoking and interactive exhibits, visitors experienced the physical, psychological and scientific challenges of traveling to and living on the Red Planet.





IMG_2346 resizedAll Dressed Up 1950’s Style

Flashbacks of 1950’s social circles were shown throughout this exhibit.






GRPM_Artifacts_0067 resizedBig Stuff from Permanent Collections

Visitors saw fan favorites from the Museum’s permanent archives on display throughout the holiday season.






ATL bodiesBodies Revealed

In this phenomenal exhibition about the amazing and complex machine we call the human body, more than a dozen full- body human specimens and hundreds of organs were respectfully displayed to tell the story of the miraculous systems at work within each of us. 





IMG_3435Big, Big Bugs!

Visitors got up close and personal with a larger-than-life praying mantis, stick insect, caterpillar, locust and more.






DSC00015Leonardo di Vinci: Machines in Motion

Leonardo da Vinci: Machines in Motion showcased 40 life-sized and fully operational artifacts grouped into four sections based upon applications linked to the elements of air, water, land and fire.