Science at the Museum


Science Tuesdays!

Science Tuesdays is an ongoing educational experience, offering science programming based on changing themes each month. Science Tuesdays take place throughout the day every Tuesday at the Museum and include a variety of activities and interactive displays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Upcoming Months:

  • September: Art & Science

  • October: Creepy Chemistry

  • November: Science of the Brain

  • December: Wintry Weather

Curiosity Labs

Curiosity Labs take place at 11 a.m. and at 1 p.m. Labs are approximately 45-60 minutes. Labs are designed to be a full family experience; $4 per child and free for up to 2 parents/guardians (includes general admission to the Museum for the day). Children who wish to work alone at Labs must be 10 years or older. Limited tickets available.

What’s In the River? Lab, Saturday, September 23

Explore the creatures that call the Grand River home.   Participants in this Curiosity Lab will identify different aquatic insects that we find in the river.  Visitors will also perform water quality tests to evaluate how healthy the Grand River is. Be prepared to be outside, weather permitting, and wear clothes that can get dirty or wet.


Why do Leaves Change Color? Lab, Saturday, October 14

Interested in why leaves change colors in the fall? In this Curiosity Lab, participants will collect colorful leaves to discover the science behind why leaves turn beautiful colors! Learn what chromatography is and how it works.  Each participant will be able to see the vivid pigments within each leaf. Explore the outdoors and learn more about nature.


Brain Lab, Saturday, November 4

Come be a neuroscientist for the day! Kids will explore the workings of their senses through a series of fun and surprising investigations. These investigations will focus on the blind spot in our vision, the touch receptors on our skin, and even the process we use to recognize flavors in food. Kids will walk away with an understanding of how the senses and the brain work together to take in information from the world around us. Join in on the fun!