Dinosaurs Unearthed


The roaring, moving prehistoric creatures of Dinosaurs Unearthed came to life at the Grand Rapids Public Museum! 

This comprehensive exhibition explored the exciting discovery of feathered dinosaurs and their connection to modern day birds.  Through a dynamic display of feathered animatronic dinosaurs and feathered fossils, guests were asked to challenge their understanding of how some of their favorite dinosaurs lived and looked during prehistoric times.

Guests saw first-hand the fossil evidence that led scientists to believe that dinosaurs are the ancestors of modern birds, not reptiles as previously thought.  A Microraptor fossil was showcased at the exhibition representing not only one of the earliest discoveries of feathered dinosaurs but the ongoing research into the life history of this species.  Paleontologists have discovered that feathers first served as a means of warmth or display for some dinosaur species and later evolved to the extent that flight was possible.

Younger guests enjoyed hands-on learning with interactive stations that explore dinosaur sounds, anatomy and digestion, as well as fossil detective work.  Two interactive consoles allowed guests to control animatronic dinosaur movement, exploring how scientists believe each dinosaur moved its limbs, eyes and mouth.  The kids dig site was an entertaining way for amateur paleontologists to make their own fossil discoveries.

This exhibit was on display October 23, 2013 – April 27, 2014.