Streets of Old Grand Rapids
Visitors walking through the Streets of Old Grand Rapids exhibit

Stroll through a 3/4 scale detailed re-creation of Grand Rapids in the 1890s, eleven shops based on actual businesses and buildings. The storefronts and interiors are stocked with real merchandise from the past. Hear street sounds as you walk through the exhibition and learn about the era and artifacts from trained guides.

Enter near the streetcar, through the Union Depot railroad station. Pedal the high-wheeler bicycle and see the opera house, the antique firearms in the gun shop, the 1904 Queen automobile, and the hardware and grocery stores. Ponder life in a different era as you examine the goods in the shops.

Visit the Van Dort print shop and watch souvenirs being produced for you on the antique press. Follow the brick streets as they wind past Voigt-Herpolsheimer Department Store, Rudell Drug Store, the funeral parlor and the barrel factory.

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