The GRPM is partnering with Urban Roots to produce a hands-on gardening experience on the grounds of the GRPM.

Urban Roots has co-creating an urban garden space with the GRPM and Museum School staff on the south end of the GRPM property overlooking the river. This space is used for Museum School learning, Curiosity Labs and Camp Curious.

Urban Roots is a non-profit in Grand Rapids dedicated to connecting people to the soil and the table. Based at a community farm and education center in Madison Square, their mission is to cultivate durable and resilient families, communities and ecosystems through urban agriculture.

Currently the Grand Rapids Public Museum School students are working with Urban Roots to curate garden development and design. Throughout April and May annually, students will begin plants and caring for the garden. Throughout the Summer Museum camps and Curiosity Labs will continue to care for and connect food to the process of gardening.

Visitors can follow the work of the urban garden and learn about the entire process from soil to table, by visiting the GRPM. This will be an annual process from April – October of each year.

What to expect in the Garden:

As growers we can never 100% plan on anything, because mother nature is the boss and she doesn’t give us our marching orders in advance no matter how nicely asked. We hope to seeing the following things in the garden throughout the season.

Swiss Chard
Red cabbage
Variety of colors of Cherry Tomatoes
Dwarf sunflowers
Summer squash
Green Beans

Special thank you to Good Sweet Earth, an local, family-owned all-natural soil amendment and fertilizer company, who is providing worm castings this season to boost soil fertility in the new garden.