Cultural Heritage Festival

The City of Grand Rapids and the surrounding region have a long-standing history of diversity and various cultural traditions dating back from early explorers and fur traders, to modern day cultural rituals from new residents of the region. To celebrate this heritage, the Grand Rapids Public Museum hosts the annual Cultural Heritage Festival.

The festival brings in cultural organizations throughout West Michigan to share with the community their background, connection to West Michigan, and the country they represent.  This is done with visual presentations, music, art, food, and more.  

Additionally, the Museum hosts two core exhibitions having a primary focus on diversity and culture: Newcomers: The People of This Place which highlights the ethnic groups that have settled the Grand Rapids area, and Anishinabek: The People of this Place which focuses on the Native American culture in the region.

2023 Participants

Food Vendors 2023

The Secchia Institute for Culinary Education will prepare a paella recipe developed by Chef José Andrés for when World Central Kitchen (WCK) activates for disaster relief. The Chefs at the Secchia Insitute for Culinary Education brought WCK’s inaugural Chef Relief Training to Grand Rapids, Michigan, in November 2021. Each participating chef earned WCK’s certification to lead emergency food operations following a disaster.
On November 4, the Secchia Insitute will prepare and sell individual portions of the paella for museum-goers participating in the Cultural Heritage Festival.

All proceeds from the paella sales will go to Secchia Institute for Culinary Education student scholarships.

Participate in the 2023 Festival:

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