Students! Work with GRPM staff to learn and gain experience in the museum field.

IMG_0325“My internship at GRPM offered me the opportunity to learn a variety of new things while also giving me freedom to show my strengths through independent work. I feel confident that the knowledge I gained during the internship has greatly increased my ability to be successful in my future career.” – Emma LaMore, Summer Intern, Marketing/PR.

Internships at the GRPM are a great way to learn about the mission, Collections and programs at the Museum, while gaining practical and theoretical training in museum work. Interns will be able to contemplate the role of museums in contemporary society, work closely with a member of the GRPM staff and network with other interns and other local cultural organizations. Internships are unpaid, but are eligible for course credit.

The GRPM accepts interns in the following departments: Collections, Marketing/PR, Hospitality, Education, Exhibits, Development, Facilities Management, Planetarium Digital Production and Collections Photography. Detailed descriptions can be found below.

 The Fine Print

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  • Internships are unpaid.
  • In selecting and placing applicants, preference is given to matching the opportunities currently available at the museum with the choices identified by the applicant. Additionally, the completed application (cover letter, resume, application form, letter of recommendation and academic standing) is considered during the selection process.
  • Course Credit: Students wishing to gain college credit for internships must provide appropriate paperwork to Museum staff in accordance with their school’s policy.
  • Interns are required to follow Museum policies and procedures outlined in the Internship Program Handbook.
  • A background check, interview and orientation are required for all positions.




  • Internship applications are accepted for spring, summer and fall academic terms.
  • Must apply by November 15 for spring internships, by March 15 for summer internship and by July 15 for fall internships.
  • Applicants will be notified if additional information is required and if they have been selected for an interview by the following dates: Dec. 1 for spring Semester, April 1 for summer Semester and Aug. 1 for fall Semester.

To apply for an internship position at GRPM please fill out the below form.




Questions or supplemental documentation may be emailed to:


The Collections internship will provide an opportunity to assist with projects related to the cataloguing, display, maintenance and conservation of the Museum’s Collections and Archives. This position is based at the Community Archives and Research Center which houses a large percentage of the GRPM’s Collections.

COLLECTIONS PHOTOGRAPHY: The Collections Photography internship will provide an opportunity to assist with projects related to the photography of artifacts and other items included in the GRPM’s Collections for digital use. The GRPM strives to make more of its Collections accessible online. This position is based at the Community Archives and Research Center which houses a large percentage of the GRPM’s Collections.

MARKETING & PR: The Marketing & Public Relations interns will work directly with the Museum’s Marketing & Public Relations team in support of the department’s projects and needs. The interns will help to expand the Museum’s visibility while gaining a basic understanding of marketing and public relations from a non-profit perspective.

Social Media/Marketing Intern: Primary responsibilities include creating content for the Museum’s 6+ social media channels in cooperation with marketing team, copywriting and editing press releases, website content, calendar content and various marketing content, as well as representing the Museum at external community events. Hours would include some weekends.

HOSPITALITY: The Hospitality intern will be responsible for assisting with all aspects of the special event management team. The internship will provide those who desire a career in the hospitality industry with an opportunity to learn the business and event management side, while gaining valuable career experience, building a portfolio and enjoying networking opportunities in the process.

EDUCATION: The Education interns will gain experience working in an informal education atmosphere. There are multiple opportunities within the education department that will assist with Museum Initiatives including:

Science Education: Deliver science programming to visitors, develop new science-based programming and assist in community-wide events hosted at the Museum by providing science content to visitors.

K-12 Education Program: Work with visiting schools and groups to improve the GRPM field trip experience,work with Education Director to refine and develop new educational programs and assist in community-wide events hosted at the Museum by providing educational programming to the public.

Education Resource: Develop resource materials to improve education opportunities offered by the GRPM for visiting groups and demonstrate the use of educational resources, including artifacts from the GRPM Collections, to educators and Museum staff.

Sustainability: Assist GRPM staff in creating and implementing sustainable practices within the GRPM organization including, improved recycling practices, increased energy efficiency and composting. Help provide training to staff on best practices related to recycling, composting, energy use and water use and help establish a sustainability committee within the GRPM.

The Development intern will work directly with the Museum’s Development team in support of the department’s projects and needs. The intern will help to generate donations to the GRPM while gain an overall understanding of development and fundraising.

The Exhibits intern will work directly with the Museum’s Exhibits Team to help assist with exhibit development and ongoing exhibit maintenance. The intern will help to create and maintain experiences that the GRPM offers to its visiting public.

*FACILITIES MANAGEMENT: The Facilities Management intern will work closely with the Asset Manager to learn the ins and outs of managing the GRPM’s main facility, the Van Andel Museum Center, located in downtown Grand Rapids, MI. This internship includes but is not limited to: daily operations of the facility, temperature/humidity control, emergency preparedness, security and more.

*PLANETARIUM DIGITAL PRODUCTION: The Planetarium Digital Production intern will gain experience working with the GRPM’s planetarium staff to develop and program content for the GRPM’s Chaffee Planetarium. The Chaffee Planetarium is the largest fulldome planetarium in the region and offers educational and entertainment based programming daily.


*Internship positions that are not offered every semester.