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Digital Strategy

The GRPM Digital Strategy is focused on making Museum content more accessible through the use of new interactive technologies.

A Vision for Innovation

The GRPM digital strategy has hit a milestone with the launch of the Sturgeon Excursion digital game. Built on a platform called PublicOS, Sturgeon Excursion is the first interactive digital gaming application using the new platform. 

Sturgeon Excursion

In this new digital game, users meet and raise their own mighty Lake Sturgeon. Equally important, users learn the indigenous history of the region and discover ways to care for the quality of the Grand River watershed. The game invites users to gather food and answer questions to promote the growth of their digital sturgeon. After raising their sturgeon, users will see it make it’s journey up the Grand River. 

Sturgeon Excursion is accessible by scanning any of the QR codes inside our core exhibits located on the 3rd floor. (Look for them next to placards). Additionally, you can access a desktop version of the game from anywhere from the Grand Fish, Grand River exhibit page on the GRPM’s website.

Sturgeon Excursion makes a great field trip activity!

Sturgeon excursion | grpm digital strategy


The GRPM, in partnership with YETi CGI, supported by the Wege Foundation, has developed the state-of-the-art digital learning platform, PublicOS. This platform allows users to interact through the use of smartphones or tablets equipped with an internet connection and camera. With the development of PublicOS, we have been able to offer new digital experiences to learners of all ages. 

While enjoying this augmented reality experience, our visitors will have particularly unique experiences exploring several core exhibits at the GRPM including: Anishinabek: The People of this PlaceWest Michigan Habitats and Grand Fish, Grand River.

The unique part about PublicOS is that we have these practice permits where right now, students can access the platform and use it to design their own digital projects for science class, small exhibits on what they’re learning in school. This type of technology will be critical to bridge the digital divide.

Future Programming

Presently, using this same platform, the Museum is developing a prototype called “River of Time,” which is funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities. In addition to utilization in the Museum, PublicOS is being deployed in other test cases, like the Grand Rapids Public Museum School.

animated adult sturgeon | grpm digital strategy

Late Opening Notice.

On Saturday, May 11, the Museum will open at 12 p.m. due to road closures for the Amway River Bank Run.

Early Closure Notice.

The Museum will close at 1 p.m. on Wednesday, May 1 for Museum Adventure After Dark. Tickets are still available!