Immerse provides a completely immersive, week-long learning experience for students in schools from the West Michigan region. The experience is crafted and led by the visiting teachers, leveraging the interpretive exhibition spaces, Museum artifacts, and various Museum programs. Immerse is intended to help students jump start their development as problem solvers, innovators, storytellers, and empathetic contributors who value diversity.

The 5 day Immerse program includes:

  • Admission to the Museum for 5 days, with access to all exhibits and add-on experiences that are included with general admission
  • Dedicated classroom space and materials
  • Individualized planning with Museum Education staff to select guided education programs and planetarium shows/live presentations that will address classroom goals and objectives
  • Access to any number of 10 available artifact/specimen discovery kits and related supplementary materials
  • GRPM Immerse t-shirt
  • Free admission to the Museum for students and families to attend the program’s culminating showcase – Immerse Family Night

The 2019/2020 Immerse application is now closed. 

Immerse in the Media


We love that the Immerse program gets students out of the classroom and allows them to explore, touch, and learn facts about our history that brings it to life! Not only does the Immerse program cover many standards in ELA, Science, and Social Studies, but it also gives students a chance to be curious and get excited about topics that might be new to them or that they weren’t excited about before going to the museum. It is hard to think about what it was like before going to the museum with our students. We now rely on this program to teach so many content standards. When we reflect on what was most memorable at the end of the school year, it is always this trip! Past students come up to us and say, “Remember when we went to the museum for a week?” We love that!
– Teresa Timmer, 4th grade teacher, South Elementary

We had a great week! We had a lot of connections to things we are learning at school and things to reflect on when we return to school! I loved all of the museum programs but especially the CARC tour and STEAM: Watershed Decision Making. These activities have a lot of good content but also develop skills that students can use throughout life.
– Jeremy Kamper, 7th grade teacher, West Side Christian

The Immerse Program is a quality program that offers hands on experiences, meaningful discussions, and wonderful opportunities for my English Language Learners. The chance to go to the Museum is a life changing experience for many of my students who rarely leave their neighborhoods. It is a proven fact that ESL students benefit from visual learning, hands on experiences, and small group discussions. The Immerse program captures all of these elements. I have seen many of my students excel in this environment! The smiles I see when my students are enjoying Docent led activities and the questions I hear them ask are memories I will cherish forever. It has been a blessing to be part of the Immerse program in past years and I hope to continue for many more years to come.
– Kristina Morton, 5th grade teacher, Burton Elementary

I learned that history is not just in a book or in a movie, but history is influencing your life and how you live. My favorite parts of Immerse were going to the planetarium, going to the TOYS! exhibit, and spending time exploring the museum with my friends. I really enjoyed coming to this museum and I wish to come back.
– Yamiles, 5th grade student, Stocking Elementary

As a parent volunteer, I spend a whole day with our students at the museum. As a teacher, a college professor, I was impressed at how well organized, patient and knowledgeable the museum staff were. They spent time teaching literacy skills through various experiences. It great to see how they served as guides on the side when working with students. They gave students opportunities to experience productive struggle while offering appropriate support when needed. Our students learned a lot.
– Mark, Parent of a 5th grade Immerse participant from Grand Rapids Montessori