Mighty Wurlitzer Organ Concerts

Next Concerts: Holiday Music! 


The Mighty Wurlitzer Pipe Organs were the most famous musical instrument built by Wurlitzer. On February 9, 1928, out of North Tonawanda, New York, the Wurlitzer Company manufactured and shipped the Opus #1836, a “3 manual special,” to the Stanley Theater of Jersey City, New Jersey. This Mighty Wurlitzer Organ spent two decades entertaining customers at the Roaring 20’s Pizza Parlor on 28th Street in Grand Rapids, before it was moved to its current location at the Grand Rapids Public Museum.

Tickets for individual concerts are $8 for Museum member adults, $4 for Museum member children, $10 for non-member adults and $5 for non-member children.


December 15 & 16

John Lauter

This holiday season, bring the entire family to enjoy your favorite holiday songs on the Mighty Wurlitzer Theater Organ! Great for all ages, hear classics and new tunes.





That was such a wonderful concert that Mr. Stahl put on for us. Several of us were visiting friends in Saranac and they wanted to take us along. I can’t believe you only charge $10? I will ask them to bring us again next year when we visit again for sure. Lovely museum from what we had time to see on the way out. – Magie Brady, October 2015