Discovery Kit Request Form

This is a reservation request only.  You will receive an email confirmation when your request has been accepted.  Requests must be made at least one week before the requested loan date. 

Reservation Information

  • Rental length: 1 week
  • Cost: $25 per kit (fee may be waived for schools depending on circumstances)
  • Pick up and drop off: Kits can be picked up any time after 12:00 pm Monday of your confirmed week. Kits must be dropped off no later than 5:00 pm the following Sunday.
  • Pick up and drop off will take place at the GRPM security entrance.

Discovery Kit Reservation Request

  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Discovery Kit Themes

    Foodways: Food is a universal language. Discover how cultures around the world work in the kitchen.

    Fossils: Step back on the geological timeline to explore a variety of plant and animal fossils.

    Hats: What people wear on their heads can tell us an interesting story; learn the history behind headwear from across the globe.

    Holiday Traditions: Winter ’tis the season for celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and more. Learn how trees, drums and shoes play a part in holiday traditions around the world.

    Jewelry: Did you know that shells were once a form of currency? Learn more about the significance of the materials used to create jewelry from five continents.

    Music: Music is one of the first elements of culture we think of; investigate a variety of musical instruments from around the world.

    Anishinabek Culture: Learn how Anishinabek have lived alongside the natural world through a variety of artifacts that tell the story of the first people of this place.

    Newcomers: If you were moving to a new country and had only one suitcase to pack, what would you bring with you? Take a glimpse into the immigrant experience with this discovery kit.

    Numismatics: Yen, Roman coins, credit cards… Explore currency from around the globe.

    Space: Space, the final frontier! Discover the story of Roger B. Chaffee, a hometown hero, and get an up-close look at space fragments.

    Zoology: Investigate specimens native to West Michigan and from around the globe. Discover where these species live, what they eat and what makes them special!
  • Please chose which themed kit you are interested in.
  • Please chose a second themed kit if you are interested.
  • Payment

    There is a $25 fee for each Discovery Kit rental. However, GRPM wants to ensure this resource is accessible for all schools.
  • Conditions of Discovery Kits Loan

    The Borrower and the Museum agree that this loan is made and accepted subject to the following:


      A. Objects/specimens borrowed shall be given special care at all times to insure against loss, damage or deterioration.

      B. No object/specimen may be altered, cleaned or repaired without written permission of the Public Museum. The Borrower may not transfer or loan any of this material to any third party without prior written permission. Unless prior written permission is obtained, the borrower must maintain possession and physical control of borrowed materials at all times.

      C. The Borrower may be asked to submit an inventory and condition report for each object as requested by the Museum.

      D. Objects/specimens must be secured from damage and theft by appropriate means.

      E. Objects/specimens should be returned in the original container, carefully packed in the same matter as received.


      A. Each object/specimen shall be labeled and credited to The Public Museum, Grand Rapids, Michigan. Unless otherwise stipulated in writing, the visiting public may take impromptu photographs, but no other reproduction is permitted except photographic copies for catalog and publicity uses related to stated purpose of the loan.

      3. COSTS

      A. Unless otherwise noted, all costs of packing, transportation, customs, insurance, and other loan-related costs shall be borne by the Borrower.

      B. If the objects/specimens are damaged or missing, all costs of replacement (up to $500) may rest with the borrower.

      C. If returned past listed due date, the Borrower will be billed $5.00 per day late.