Engineering Day

Engineering Day 2024 Participation Form

Whether your local organization is rooted in STEM fields, educational outreach, or community involvement, becoming part of Engineering Day provides a fulfilling experience for your team and increases your exposure within the community. Fill out the form below to help us ignite the spark of curiosity and lifelong learning in the fields of engineering and technology. We’re eager to partner with you to engineer an event that is both educational and inspiring!

Thursday, February 15, 2024 - GRPM Engineering Day for Schools.

Engineering Day is a one-day event where 4th-8th grade students and the general public can explore various applications of math, engineering, problem-solving, drawing, estimation, mechanics, and other STEAM concepts through fun hands-on activities. Area professionals and community partners will host interactive stations highlighting their areas of expertise.

Additionally, the Museum will showcase its STEAM program Design with Little Bits along with Tessellation activities, build stations with LEGOS®, Keva® planks, and Magformers®.

Registered participants will receive:

  • An education packet with pre and post-visit activities.
  • Self-guided Museum experiences.
  • The Mighty Wurlitzer program: A 30-minute musical interactive experience in the Meijer Theater that highlights the history and science behind the iconic theater pipe organ. Participants can register for one of three different presentations (10 a.m., 11 a.m., and 12 p.m.). 

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