Amazing Pollinators

Visitors going through the maze in the Amazing Pollinators exhibit.

Amazing Pollinators transformed visitors  into bees, bats and butterflies in the vibrant world of pollination. 

This exhibit is now closed. 

The centerpiece of this unique, bilingual exhibit was a visually stunning, playable maze. Hundreds of beautiful interactive flowers spread across nine environments like lotus flowers in the rainforest, saguaro cactus in the desert, and moon flowers glowing in the black lit Night room, just for nocturnal pollinators.

In the maze, visitors took on 48 survival missions from eight different pollinator groups, including bats, bees, beetles, birds, butterflies, moths, flies, and wasps. There were six missions for each group that increased in complexity and difficulty, putting players in the shoes of different species like the hibiscus bee, soldier beetle or ruby-throated hummingbird.

To succeed, players had to think like a pollinator and navigate the many challenges faced by each pollinator on a daily basis. If players managed to survive the missions, they’ll earn exclusive titles and be rewarded with finding out about some rather bizarre relationships between plants and pollinators, how pollinators support our ecosystems, and the vital role they play in our food supply.

The exhibit also featured graphics and interactives with information on how to help pollinators at home and in the community, as well as an opportunity for guests to build their own powerful pollinator.

Pollinators truly are vital to our everyday lives. Not only do they support our own food supply, but they are critical to natural ecosystems and wildlife. Some plants and pollinators have such specialized relationships that if one were to disappear, the other would surely follow. 

Amazing Pollinators was included with general admission tickets to the Museum. 

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