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Camp Curious Goes Virtual.


June 30, 2020

Virtual Camp Curious Instructor

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The Curiosity Continues.

A new era of learning began on June 15; for the first time in the Museum’s 166 year history, summer programming went digital. GPRM educators invested time researching and creating the best methods for delivering virtual content for Camp Curious, the Museum’s summer camp program, to continue sparking curiosity within kids of all ages.

“Elliot is having a GREAT time and you are a genius distance learning teacher!”

Junior Engineers Ages 1-3
Junior Engineers LEGO display

There are 11 camp offerings with a variety of themes involving science, history, art and culture, available for kids ages pre-K through 9th grade. Campers who participate experience virtual exhibit tours and a variety of hands-on activities that can be completed at their own pace, using household items and the GRPM’s digital Collections. Instructors kickoff each session day with a live Zoom introduction, and complete each session day with a live wrap up. Screen time is dedicated for directions and questions for the instructors, with the primary focus of the program being on the hands-on activities.

“My girls loved the program. It was incredibly well put together and they learned so much. The activities were both engaging and educational.”

Space: The Final Frontier Ages 1-3
Watershed Model
Virtual Camp Curious Fossil Experiment
Virtual Camp Curious Crater Impact Activity

Camp Highlight! The Grand Photo Project.

Campers who participated in The Grand Photo Project program have been able to showcase their incredible photography skills through the Museum’s digital photo gallery. Check out their amazing work here!

Register today to have your camper(s) learn the essentials of photography, while also giving them the opportunity to showcase their work through a digital gallery and the Museums’ social media channels. Next session begins July 7. 

Photo of Running Dog

Image credit: Ari O. (The Grand Photo Project) 

So far, there has been an amazing combined effort of kids and adults working together on camp projects. The GRPM team is overjoyed to witness the campers’ motivation to learn, explore, and share experiences together virtually. It’s only two weeks in but as you can see, the curiosity continues.

Virtual Camp Curious Slimy Science

Join the fun and register today!

By: Rob Schuitema, the GRPM’s Director of Public Programs