Mission & Facts

Dad with young kids look at marsh habitat in West Michigan Habitats exhibit


To inspire passionate curiosity and a deeper understanding of the world around us.


We exist to be a living monument of artifacts, ideas and stories told through exhibitions, events and educational programming designed to inspire, motivate and celebrate our human bond. We enrich the life of our community through experiences of the wider world in a uniquely Grand Rapids context.

Diversity, Inclusion & Accessibility Statement 

The Grand Rapids Public Museum respects, values and honors the unique attributes, characteristics and perspectives that make each person who they are. Diversity and Inclusion is gained from prioritizing both physical and cognitive accessibility to the broadest range of people in the communities we serve. We consider increased accessibility to be drivers of institutional excellence and knowledge for all, which will broaden the diversity of participation, thought and action. It is our aim, therefore, the expectation that our employees, users, partners, and key stakeholders embrace and reflect these core values to be inclusive of all.    

Building a Sustainable Future

GRPM Community Engagement Reports


GRPM Facts

▼ Oldest museum in Michigan founded in 1854.

▼ Collections contain more than 250,000 artifacts and specimens.

▼ The GRPM is deeply committed to creating an environment that is inclusive of all learning styles, ages, backgrounds, and physical and cognitive needs. 

▼ The Chaffee Planetarium continues to impress audiences with scientific programming and state-of-the-art technology.

▼ Partnership Grand Rapids Public Museum School with GRPS, Kendall, GVSU, City of Grand Rapids and Downtown Grand Rapids Inc. opened in the Fall of 2015.

▼ The Museum routinely brings in traveling exhibits throughout the year, combined with in-house exhibitions to satisfy a diverse range of interests and ages. Exhibit offerings are accompanied by innovative educational programming that visitors can expect to take part in on a routine basis.  

Offering a robust education program for schools that provide learners opportunities to explore culture, history and science through tours, hands-on activities, and guided exploration.

Receives funding through a Kent County millage in partnership with John Ball Zoo to sustain operations; as part of the millage Kent County residents receive discounted general admission and free parking for their Museum visit.